New Zealand Sites

New Zealand Vintage Radios – comprehensive online database of New Zealand-made valve radios

A listing of New Zealand AM medium wave stations

Wanganui Vintage Radio Museum

WestFMradio – Easy listening swing music PLUS Doug Edgar’s fabulous vintage radio collection!

VintageRadioRepairNZ – A site offering restored vintage radios for sale

Cowan Audio Services – repairs to retro audio equipment and valve radios (Wellington area)

An article and podcast about Brian Baker who lived in Russell and loved to collect Radios – A site covering a wide range of New Zealand radios

ZC1 site – the ZC1 website is no longer active, but it has been recorded and archived by the National Library. A link to the page is:

Kev’s Radios – A Kiwi collectors personal site, mainly covering Columbus radios.

New Zealand radio history

Bell Radio-Television Corp. History – A comprehensive history of the company which produced the Bell Colt – arguably the single-most recognisable valve radio in New Zealand history.

The EF50, the Tube that helped to Win the War –

Pye Radio in Waihi – a history

DRECO history – history of Dominion Radio and Electrical Co.

Radio Reveries by Bill Collerton – the story of LA Chaston Ltd (Wellington) and ‘Arnrite’ receivers

Australian sites

Australian Vintage Radio Society – Australian vintage radio – schematics for Australian radios

Articles scanned from old editions of Electronics Australia, Silicon Chip and other sources :

The Bakelite Radio – Australian vintage radio

MINGAY IF INDEX – A list of IF frequencies and other data for Australian radios from 1933-1939

The changing state of hobby electronics-1
The changing state of hobby electronics -2

Valve data sites

Frank’s electron Tube Data sheets
The National Valve Museum
Vacuum Tube equivalents – OddMix
Radiomuseum Tube Search

Magic Eye Tubes – everything you need to know about magic eyes

Canadian sites

Canadian Vintage Radio Society
Pacific TV – schematics, tubes, photos

USA sites

Radio Attic Archives  A vast database of photos of American radios
Nostalgia Air
History of the car radio – – useful restoration tips (Bill Harris)
Old Radio Zone – Zenith and other USA radios Zenith serial numbers database – The Philco Radio Gallery
Atwater Kent Home Page  – if you go to ‘site map’ you can download the entire Rider’s schematics volumes free.
Fun with tubes
Phil’s Old Radios
Quality Radio Belts – suppliers of tuning drive belts for American radios
SPARK – antique radio club, Dayton, Ohio
Radio Boulevard – Zenith radios
Mr Carlsons Lab – educational videos on electronics  scanned magazines from the USA, Australia and UK, including “Radio & Hobbies” , “Electronics Australia” , “Practical Wireless” and “Practical Electronics”.     A History of Telecommunications. We wish to thank a young radio enthusiast, Skylar, for suggesting this site. – New York’s Broadcasting History.
An interesting valve collection –

UK and European sites

Radiomuseum – online database of vintage radios from all countries

The Radiophile magazine (inc. Radio Bygones)

Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Historie van de Radio Dutch site with free schematics for European radios

UK vintage radio repair and restoration  –

The Valve Wizard – useful insights and tips on valve circuitry

Philips factory in the 1930s  – amazing scenes reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin’s movie ‘Modern Times’

Golborne Vintage Radio

Gerard’s website – Philips circuits (and others)

How Philips nearly went bankrupt (video)

The Story of Pye 1896-2020

Pye Museum

Other sites

Antique Wireless Association of Southern Africa:

CapSite 2019 – everything about capacitors

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