New Zealand Sites

New Zealand Vintage Radios – an ongoing project to identify and photo-catalogue as many New Zealand valve radios (and their schematics) as possible. – A site covering a wide range of New Zealand radios

Bell Radio-Television Corp. History – A comprehensive history of the company which produced the Bell Colt – arguably the single-most recognisable valve radio in New Zealand history.

The EF50, the Tube that helped to Win the War –

Pye Radio in Waihi – a history

ZC1 site

Kev’s Radios – A Kiwi collectors personal site, mainly covering Columbus radios.

Australian sites

Australian Vintage Radio Society – Australian vintage radio

Articles scanned from old editions of Electronics Australia, Silicon Chip and other sources :

The Bakelite Radio – Australian vintage radio

Valve data sites

Frank’s electron Tube Data sheets

The National Valve Museum

Vacuum Tube equivalents – OddMix

Radiomuseum Tube Search

Canadian sites

Canadian Vintage Radio Society

Pacific TV – schematics, tubes, photos

USA sites

Nostalgia Air – useful restoration tips (Bill Harris)

Old Radio Zone – Zenith and other USA radios – The Philco Radio Gallery

Atwater Kent Home Page  – if you go to ‘site map’ you can download the entire Rider’s schematics volumes free.

Fun with tubes

Phil’s Old Radios

Radio Boulevard – Zenith radios

Mr Carlsons Lab – educational videos on electronics

UK and European sites

UK vintage radio repair and restoration  –

The Valve Wizard – useful insights and tips on valve circuitry

Golborne Vintage Radio

Gerard’s website – Philips circuits (and others)

How Philips nearly went bankrupt (video)

Other sites

A list of useful links

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