Dial image files (for printing)

Below are links to PDF files of dial images. If your printer is set for A4 paper and scaling is set to 100%, the image should print at the correct size.

Please help us increase our collection of dial images. To make a good image, place the dial flat on a scanner and scan at high resolution (minimum 150 dpi, 300 dpi is better) in JPG format, with scanner set for A4 paper.  Do not crop or adjust image size. Send image files to james.justjazz@gmail.com.

American Bosch 660C dial white bkgd
Ariel BC circular dial
Ariel horizontal dial
Atwater Kent 145 and 325 dial
Columbus 85 dial 2
Columbus 84 dial retouched
courier dial 1
courier dial 2

Courtenay 21 dial

courtenay 94 dial
Courtenay model 85 dial

Cromwell 5-band rectangular dial

Crusader dial
De Forest dial
EKCO SW86 Main Dial (with permission of George Kaczowka)
EKCO SW86 Inner Dial   (with permission of George Kaczowka)

Generic dial 1

HMV dial 1
Luxor dial BC
Luxor dial dual wave
Moderne dial (black background)
Moderne dial (white background)
Mullard 420 dial
national dial 2
Pacific 1935 6-valve dual wave dial
Pacific model 21 dial
Philco 1
Philco 2

Philco unknown model dial
Philips dial
Pilot dials 1 and 2
Pilot dial 3
RCA model 128 dial
RCA T6-1 dial BW
Rca dial 2
Sheffield circular dial
Sherwood World Wide dial white
Sherwood World Wide dial black
Skyscraper circular dial
Skyscraper dial 5DW white background
Skyscraper dial 5DW black
Ultimate AU dial
Ultimate RBG
Ultimate RCB
Ultimate RCE dial
Ultimate RDC dial
Ultimate model XU dial
ultimate semicircular dial
ultimate semicircular dial 2
Unknown dial 1
Unknown dial 2
unknown dial 3
unknown dial 4-1
unknown dial 4-2
unknown dial 4-3
Unknown dial 5
unknown dial 6
Unknown elliptical dial 1
Unknown elliptical dial 2


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