Miscellaneous circuits

Ariel 6V DW Superheterodyne
Ariel AC-battery Plastic Portable
Ariel Seven Auto radio
Autocalibration SCR211
Autocrat 6-valve car radio -2
Autocrat 6-valve car radio
Autocrat 8-valve car radio speaker unit
Autocrat ARL 1-53 car radio
Autocrat ARL-PCR 54 car radio
Autocrat TP1 transistorised car radio
Bush 95 (Inernational Traders Ltd)
Challen ‘5 Super’ kit (1933)
Colin Bowring crystal set
Companion record player
Echoleon gramophones
Echophone C
ELCO World Wave – 5V DW AC – 194x
Electronic Industries Ltd – models SR and SS car radios (c1955)
FJW Fear ‘Micromatic’ Battery One
FJW Fear Micromatic AC-Battery five
FJW Fear Micromatic Dance Band Five
FJW Fear Micromatic Dual-wave five
FJW Fear Micromatic Maestro Triple-wave Eight
FJW Fear Micromatic Mercury Broadcast Six
FJW Fear Micromatic Meteor Five (c1948)
FJW Fear Micromatic Pal portable
FJW Fear Symphony Three amplifier
Garrard SP25 mkIV
Gilfillan Reflex Kit no RA-1
Gordon 5-valve Broadcast
Hartle and Gray catalogue 1931
Heathkit GD-1A grid dip meter
Heathkit GD-1B grid dip meter
Heathkit GD-1U grid dip meter
Inductance Specialists – 5-valve kits
Inductance Specialists – 5-valve portable
Inductance Specialists – 6-valve octal
John Gilbert – JG Twenty – 20W stereo amplifier
Johns Ltd ‘Clivic’ circuits
Johns Ltd ‘Companion’ kit circuits
Johns Ltd – model 66 De Luxe All-Wave – 1936
Johns Ltd ‘Motex’ All Wave model 76 receiver – 1936
Johns Ltd ‘Q119’ 2-valve amplifier
Johns Ltd ‘Well-Mayde’ – 5V BC (c1932)
Johns Ltd ‘Well-Mayde’ Motex 5 (1934)
Kiwi Four
La Wood model MR1 mantle radio
Lincoln-Fletcher 771 VHF radio-telephone
Lincoln-Fletcher VHF radio-telephone
Mack Super 8
Majestic 20 – John Stokes
Moderne 4-valve TRF (chassis 1281)
Moderne 4V TRF (chassis 120)
Moderne 5 Valve
MRI Mastiff – radio and radio-intercom – 1964
NATCLA – 5V TRF -1927
National B44 – 5V BC AC -1945
National P – 5V BC AC – 1934 or 35 or 36
NEECO model 46D – 6+V DW AC – 1951
PALCO ‘Petite’ and ‘Pony’ – 3V BC AC – 1973
Qmax G5-10X
Russell stereo amplifier
Saxon Five
Sheffield ‘Celeste’ stereogram – 1971
Sheffield 4-track tape recorder – 1967
Silvertone 6V TRF (Sexton)
Sonophone 145R school receiver
SOS ‘Peerless’ tuner
SOS Rainbow Tuner 1949
Stannage model 435
Stannage model 440
Stannage Radio model 505 – 5+V BC AC
Stannage Radio model 510 – 5+V DW AC
Stannage Radio model 530 – 6+V DW AC
STC-Beale chassis 53
Troubadour 5H, Radioplayer – 5V BC AC – 1934
Warwick Smeeton – 6V BC AC
Wayfarer K100 car radio
Wayfarer K100 car radio (1952)
Weston model 692 modulated oscillator
Wright model 555 SSB exciter-transmitter
Wright model V05 solid state variable frequency oscillator

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