Peter Lankshear articles

We are grateful to NZVRS Foundation and Life Member Peter Lankshear of Invercargill for permission to make these articles freely available.


Cabinet restoration
Early receiver developments 1925-30
Early receiver developments
Philips V7A Theatrette
The brief heyday of CATKINs
The Methuselah of valves
Vintage Radio – Getting Started


Vintage remote control
The ‘Hikers’ – my first radio
Restoring a classic STC 562 – part 1
Restoring a classic STC 562 – part 2
Koster-Brandes 930 amplifier
Horn speakers
Cabinet Lacquering
Loudspeaker development
MATE – low power AM transmitter
The 6J7 fraternity
Atwater Kent 20C
A 50 year old (trans)portable


Battery eliminators
Early tuning indicators
National’s legendary HRO
Pilot Super Wasp
The Williamson amplifier
The first moving coil speaker
The ancestors of today’s batteries
Report on NZVRS conference 1990
Repairing valves
Overhauling an AWA radiolette
Loop aerials
A universal battery eliminator


A decade of radio development – 1
A decade of radio development – 2
Rewinding audio coupling transformers
The curse of audio transformers
The grand old ’01A
The story of REFLEXES
The Loftin-White amplifier
Societies, the NZVRS badge, and a classic ‘cathedral’
Rewinding output transformers
Philips 2510 receiver
Dr Robinson’s ‘Stenode Radiostat’
Class B amplification


A really fine collection
My favourite Dinosaur – the Majestic 90
RCA Radiola 20 – RCA’s first TRF receiver
Renovating an RCA model 20
The advent of American metal valves
Understanding AGC – 1
Understanding AGC – 2
Rejuvenating valves
EKCO PB289 – Something different from the UK
Building your own classic radio
Australia’s most popular mantel radio
Hints on restoring old cabinets


Eddystone 940 receiver
IF transformers
STC model 68
Vintage Radio in London
Vintage reading matter and references
The vintage Beverage
Telefunken Arcolette 3W
Some popular output triodes – part 1
Some popular output triodes – part 2
Shortwave adaptors and converters
Displaying your vintage equipment
A Russian Radiola


The vintage serviceman
The unusual Wunderlich valve
The saga of the crystal set
The Browning-Drake receiver
RCNZ’s Columbus in Australia
Early mechanical TV systems
Capacitors in vintage radio – 1
Capacitors in vintage radio – 2
Capacitors in vintage radio – 3
Building a 70-year old classic
A closer look at moving coil loudspeakers
Repairing moving-coil loudspeakers


A minature Eddystone
AC mains heated valves
Hammarlund Super Pro receivers
How Astor radios were made
Old power transformers
Restoring a monster
Revisiting the Philips ‘Theatrette’
The excellence of Hammarlund
Vintage electronic music
Who really DID invent the superheterodyne?


Alternative detectors
Ancestral electronics – 1
Ancestral electronics – 2
Atwater-Kent centennial
Convertors, first detectors, or ‘mixers’
Diode detectors
RF gain control and variable-mu valves
The vintage radio collector’s workshop
Valve filament : heater voltages

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